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Case Studies

Welcome to our case study page, where we showcase our success stories and highlight the impressive results achieved by our clients. At HORTIV, we take pride in our innovative and science-based approach to horticulture lighting solutions. Our case studies illustrate how our advanced lighting technology has helped cultivators achieve maximum yields, improve plant quality, and reduce operating costs.

Join the many satisfied growers who have experienced the benefits of our lighting solutions, and contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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The Challenge 

To find the right lighting to be installed inside the growing device, that will be suitable for home use - safe and efficient.


The Challenge 

To find lightning fixtures that are suitable for different types of vertical growing systems and expand the range of crops that can be efficiently cultivated this way.


The Challenge 

Finding a better lighting solution for cannabis growth capable of providing even lighting to all parts of the plant.


The Challenge 

Plantae’s researchers were looking for a system that would allow flexibility when implementing varied lighting regimes in the growth rooms in order to study the reaction of plants to different growing conditions.


The Challenge 

While building its new tissue culture lab, RCK was looking for lighting with the sufficient spectrum and wavelength, but that would not take up too much space or emit too much heat.


The Challenge 

The light parameters tested are supposed to simulate different conditions, allowing researchers to investigate the processes taking place. For instance, they wished to find out how the light spectrum, and especially certain elements of the color red, affect the rooting phase.

Another example is the propagation stage, which can be aided by managing different parameters. Each spectrum of light plays a different role, and the goal is to find out how each spectrum affects each one of the natural processes required for the plant to fully develop as desired.


The Challenge 

The company approached HORTIV after evaluating the solutions of several other suppliers who either could not meet AlgaeCore’s technical requirements or were too expensive to make financial sense for its operation. The objective was to enrich their algae with additional light, at the appropriate longer wavelengths and intensities. Their greenhouses receive sunlight, which they wished to reinforce with artificial lighting to enhance yield quantity, quality and efficiency. 

Quality is a significant issue because of the extreme conditions prevailing in the greenhouse: above 50℃ and very high humidity, which the lighting equipment must be sturdy enough to withstand.


The Challenge 

The issue here is finding the right lighting parameters for each type of crop at each specific growth stage and season. This means having lighting devices and equipment with this type of flexibility.

The Challenge 

In the realm of molecular biology research focusing on agricultural growth in
enclosed environments, such as with tomatoes and wheat, maintaining precise and 
consistent lighting conditions is paramount. The Department of Plant Sciences at a world-leading research institute require stringent standards to ensure accurate results during inspections.

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