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Revolutionizing Saffron Cultivation with HORTIV Megalight


The Challenge 

Saffron is renowned for its culinary and medicinal uses but is the most expensive spice globally due to its labor-intensive hand-harvesting process. Traditional cultivation requires approximately 140 flowers to produce one gram of saffron, with fields blooming simultaneously, necessitating intensive labor. This inefficiency has restricted saffron cultivation to countries with cheaper labor, such as Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, and Spain.

The Solution  

Saffron Tech, led by CEO Tal Wilk Glazer and systems engineer Shimon Weitmann Collaborating with agronomists and the Volcani Institute has developed an innovative protocol for optimal vertical cultivation of saffron. The company introduced an energy-efficient lighting system by HORTIV Mega Light provides an optimal growth spectrum while reducing energy consumption and is supported by AI-driven automation for managing lighting, climate control, irrigation, and harvesting.


The Result

The vertical cultivation approach allows for up to four cultivation cycles per year, compared to the traditional single annual cycle, making saffron cultivation scalable and economically viable. The energy-efficient lighting system adjusts power consumption as needed, significantly reducing electricity costs. This precision in lighting ensures quality, economy, and maximum yield.

Our Customer Says

Tal: "We experimented with various technologies until we found a simple and economical solution with HORTIV Mega light. Their system meets our specific spectrum needs while maintaining low power consumption."

Shimon: "I was pleasantly surprised by their flexibility. We had worked with other lighting suppliers, but after experiencing HORTIV Mega light, we continued with them."

Tal: "The significant advantage of our current lighting system lies in its energy efficiency. Even small reductions and tuning wavelengths can lead to substantial savings. Precision in lighting ensures quality, economy, and maximum yield."


Future Goal

Saffron Tech aims to address bottlenecks in the picking process with automated solutions and enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the lighting system. The company plans to double its current structure and technology to establish a factory capable of producing saffron in commercial quantities, seeking investors to fund this venture.

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