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HORTIV Goes Home with the AGWA FARM Indoor Home Farming Device

Agwa has developed an AI-based Virtual Agronomist technology integrated into a small growing device for indoor home farming, that has proven itself by allowing over 260 paying customers to enjoy a constant supply of self-grown fresh, tasty vegetables - fast and hassle-free.

In contrast to other customers of HORTIV, AGWA FARMS’ lighting components are used inside the home. The company must ensure plants have optimal conditions for quality vegetables to grow in.


This means they require a very specific spectrum of light apt for domestic use. The right combination of spectrum and intensity brings about the best results, yielding even better products than those grown in natural environments.

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The Challenge 

To find the right lighting to be installed inside the growing device, that will be suitable for home use - safe and efficient.

The Hortiv Solution  

The HORTIV solution was chosen for 2 reasons:

1. The strong local presence of the distributor and its ability to give quick and comprehensive customer support
2. A good cost - effective ratio


The Result

AGWA’s customers are enjoying a great product. Precise lighting at a reasonable price plays a great role in the final result - all features which competitors were not able to offer. 

Our Customer Says

“We contacted HORTIV, told them what our requirements were and received from them the specification for a lighting system. We compared this with systems offered by other suppliers, and so far Hortiv's system is the most suitable one. We tested other fixtures but did not find them satisfactory.

Hortiv Megalight's products showed good performance and came at a reasonable price. One can say the lighting is precise and correct.

Another very important feature nowadays is energy efficiency. It is worth noting that HORTIV’s fixtures also have good efficiency rates, which results in savings in power costs.

Our product is controlled by a virtual agronomist and all the conditions we provide to the vegetables grown in our systems are much healthier and tastier, and they grow at a faster rate than crops grown in the field now also thanks to HORTIV.”  said Alon Wallach, CEO at AGWA FARM

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