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HORTIV - The Tech Seedling and Tissue R&D Had Been Waiting For

For 40 years, Ginosar Agro has been a leading international provider of exclusive fruit variety plants as well as agricultural project management and training. Its primary mission is to help growers achieve unparalleled standards of quality, yields and profitability. 

The company produces seedlings using tissue cultures in a laboratory. The first step consists of extracting cells from outstanding plants and then multiplying them in the lab. The main focus is on pineapple and banana seedlings, but there are many other fruits currently under development.

Ginosar turned to HORTIV Megalight because for many years they had been looking for a tool to aid in their research efforts. 


It is a well known fact that the intensity and spectrum of light significantly influence the physiological processes within plants, promoting their development at various growth stages. Ginosar Agro’s R&D team wanted to examine the effect of intensity/light spectrum on several different processes the plants are forced to go through.


The Challenge 

The light parameters tested are supposed to simulate different conditions, allowing researchers to investigate the processes taking place. For instance, they wished to find out how the light spectrum, and especially certain elements of the color red, affect the rooting phase.

Another example is the propagation stage, which can be aided by managing different parameters. Each spectrum of light plays a different role, and the goal is to find out how each spectrum affects each one of the natural processes required for the plant to fully develop as desired.

The Hortiv Solution  

HORTIV lighting makes it possible to change and adjust red light to create several scenarios and examine their effects on the rooting process.


The Result

HORTIV’s systems allowed Ginosar labs to reach the optimal light spectrum for plants to develop as chosen during each one of the stages investigated.

Our Customer Says

We conduct a variety of experiments, until we arrive at the optimal light spectrum for production according to the light spectrum we predefined.

To me, this is a revolution. The big news here is that until today, there was no way for us to obtain diverse light spectra, control them, and test the plant's reaction to each one. Having endless possibilities of light composition and the ability to control them means a huge breakthrough in our research work.

We searched the market repeatedly over the years and we can say that until the advent of HORTIV, no tool was available that allowed us this flexibility at a reasonable cost, which is truly mind blowing. I was in academic research for 7 years and I recommend adopting HORTIV lighting to any laboratory working with plants. The
system is simple, accessible, and easy to operate.
  said Yiftah Yitzchak, CTO, Ginosar Agro

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