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Optimizing Research Conditions

A plant science laboratory at one of the world's leading research institutes selected HORTIV's LED lighting system.


The Challenge 

In the realm of molecular biology research focusing on agricultural growth in enclosed environments, such as with tomatoes and wheat, maintaining precise and consistent lighting conditions is paramount. The Department of Plant Sciences at a world-leading research institute require stringent standards to ensure accurate results during inspections.

Achieving uniform lighting conditions is crucial for assessing the impact of different wavelengths on genetic factors and metabolic processes. However, the industry faces challenges such as potential availability issues arising from suppliers components, which can disrupt research operations. Amidst these challenges, the search for a reliable lighting solution capable of meeting the institute's exacting requirements was imperative.

The Solution  

After exhaustive evaluation of various suppliers, the plant science laboratory selected the HORTIV Megalight LED lighting system. The standout feature of HORTIV Megalight is its commitment to customization, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific research needs. The company's dedication to consistent quality over time, effective communication, and professionalism distinguishes it in an industry marked by challenges. Furthermore, the ability to visit the factory, observe the
production process, and experience high adaptability to specific requirements ensured confidence in the chosen solution. The flexibility to adjust the spectrum of the lighting fixtures based on the research team's precise requirements further solidified the decision.


The Result

Following the installation process, the research team expressed satisfaction with the performance of the HORTIV Megalight lighting fixtures. The quality of equipment, circuitry, wires, and overall design interaction met expectations. The tailored
spectrum adjustment capabilities provided the necessary flexibility for the precise experimentation required in molecular biology research. Overall, HORTIV Megalight's professionalism, uniqueness in providing tailored solutions, and supply of reliable and high-quality lighting fixtures positioned them as a standout player in the Israeli market, facilitating the Department of Plant Sciences' research endeavors with enhanced precision and efficiency.

Our Customer Says

“After years of collaborating with suppliers across different sectors, particularly in the lighting field, I recently encountered a company that stands out in its approach. Meeting their representatives and touring their factory, I was struck by their unique ethos and commitment to excellence. Rest assured, choosing to work with them brings a sense of assurance and confidence that you won't be disappointed.  

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