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Two HORTIV Parallel Systems for Plantae Bioscience’s New Tissue Culture Growth Rooms

Plantae Bioscience is a partnership between the Weizmann Institute of Science and Huminn, a company seeking to tackle persistent global issues in health, food production and agriculture. It is taking on this challenge with a proprietary interdisciplinary platform based on the convergence of three scientific disciplines: metabolomics, computational protein and enzyme design, and genome editing.

The company is developing new genetics for novel food production systems and markets, implemented via three main applications: vertical farming, nutrient-enhanced vegetables, and cellular agriculture (growing plant cells in cell cultures).

One of the issues in any cultivation system is that plants have developed to grow in open fields. The objective is to bring to the market plants that have adapted genetically to grow in different setups, and meet higher standards of quality for the consumer.

The R&D site has recently begun to operate in new modern labs at the Science Park in Rehovot.


The Challenge 

Plantae’s researchers were looking for a system that would allow flexibility
when implementing varied lighting regimes in the growth rooms in order to
study the reaction of plants to different growing conditions.

The Hortiv Solution  

The answer was to install two systems in parallel:


  • The first steup provides flexibility for Plantae to test and find the optimal conditions required for growing the various tissue cultures in their collection.

  • The second one, in which the composition of the light is predetermined and supports previously calibrated plant tissue culture growing protocols.


The Result

Based on these observations, Plantae formulated precise work protocols
needed to reliably produce a wide range of plants in cultures.

Our Customer Says

We approached HORTIV Megalight because we wanted to set up
tissue culture growth rooms with artificial lighting. Our requirements were way more complex than just opening a catalog and buying a product off the shelf. When the project was completed, we were very satisfied with the company’s 
professionalism, flexibility, and willingness to provide us with a tailored system that works for us. The biggest advantage -
HORTIV has professionals who listened and helped us find the
right components to build a system that works for us. Currently
there are several growing rooms with different types of light systems operating and supporting all our research and development processes.

Besides the great service, their professionalism also comes at a reasonable price, with local production, and good open communication. They came to our facility to provide support during the installation of the lighting system and get things up and running.”  said Eyal Emanuel, VP R&D at Plantae Bioscience

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