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And Then There Was Light at RCK’s New Medical Cannabis Research Labs

RCK is a global pioneer in cannabis breeding, producing tailor-made medical strains and cannabis hybrid seeds that are stable and

The company is committed to scientific and technological innovation by fostering local and international collaborations that could
improve cannabis cultivation and production while promoting market growth.

Through advanced technology, RCK has developed its own in-house breeding methodology and capability, enabling the cultivation of
plants with a desirable collection of traits - quickly and accurately.


The Challenge 

While building its new tissue culture lab, RCK was looking for lighting with the sufficient spectrum and wavelength, but that would not take up too much space or emit too much heat.

The Hortiv Solution  

HORTIV’s controllable product solutions covered the entire range of parameters that RCK required for its research, and did so despite space constraints.


The Result

The lab is new and so far a solution has been found to control the lighting environment for its research experiments, which no company other than Hortiv was able or willing to develop for them.

Our Customer Says

As a research farm for medical cannabis, RCK engages mainly in the cultivation of new strains. Part of the company’s development was to establish a laboratory for tissue culture.

When this need arose, we contacted Hortiv Megalight and presented them with our particular lighting requirements: In the laboratory the distance between plantlets is very small. Care must be taken so that power is not too high and the culture media do not overheat, while still ensuring sufficient spectrum and wavelength. Another constraint was that space was limited and therefore the lighting fixtures could not take up too much room.

In the end we chose the controllable product (more expensive) because we are a research laboratory and not a growth incubator, and therefore experiments must be conducted with different wave types. The controlled product allows our scientists to “play” with the different parameters of light intensities and wavelengths.

Hortiv listened to our needs and allowed us to design the lighting system according to the shelves and the distances between them. We are at the beginning of our research activity - so far, things are looking good.

It is worth noting that in the process of searching for the solution we tested other products. There was no one to talk to who had manufacturing capability and the ability to adapt the products to our specific needs. Even the larger companies in the field have a specific set of products and they don’t have the ability (desire or willingness) to adapt what they have in order to offer an appropriate solution to our needs.

The service we received was highly professional and very good!  said Ofer Shein, Operations Manager at RCK

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