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Uniform Lighting for Uniform Plants at GREENKOM’s Cannabis Farms

GREENKOM has been growing medical cannabis in Israel since 2017. The group keeps all its development and production processes under a single quality-oriented umbrella: R&D, breeding, production and commercialization of new varieties form one of the most advanced cannabis breeding operations in the world covering an area of about 3 ha of farms throughout the country.

The cannabis strains produced have been improved, designed, grown and nurtured by skilled professional hands, with an innovative and balanced view and, most importantly, out of a desire to do good. To soothe pain and ease sickness while ensuring safe use. 

The R&D operation, among the most modern in its field, develops unique strains in response to still unmet market needs and medical indications, all the way to the commercial stage. Plants are grown under ideal conditions while adhering to strict protocols. 

GREENKOM is one of very few companies in Israel authorized to import genetics, and the only one that has a seed bank of more than 100 varieties from around the world.

The company offers over 10 products that contain THC CBD CBN CBG and are sold for medical cannabis only. In a large R&D complex, all varieties undergo stringent testing under different conditions, with changing variables as far as fertilization, lighting, agrotechnics and growing media.

Currently an indoor greenhouse is being built to the highest standards, aiming for optimal growing conditions and greater product uniformity.


The Challenge 

Finding a better lighting solution for cannabis growth capable of providing even lighting to all parts of the plant.

The Hortiv Solution


After a number of steps combining development and on-site trials together with the GREENKOM team, Hortiv delivered lamps with the special features needed for more efficient production of medical cannabis. The new lamps require less power, produce less heat, and provide more precise lighting.


The Result

Thanks to even lighting, the plants’ production rate is higher, their flowers are more uniform, and all this takes place with lower power consumption for both lighting and cooling.

Our Customer Says

“About two years ago, we met for the first time with representatives of HORTIV and purchased from them a lamp of a model suitable for cannabis. Following 3 to 4 steps of further development, we arrived at the product version we use today during various phases of both the growing and the flowering stages.

Innovation in the structure of the lighting resulted in two significant advantages: The first - energy optimization and cost savings. The second - light reaching all parts of the plant, a unique feature of HORTIV Megalight. As a result of this development process, the product was released commercially this year and is now available for purchase.


Providing lighting to all parts of the plant makes it possible to produce larger numbers of a greater weight and with a higher uniformity of flowering across the entire plant (upper and lower sections). From the very first moment we were received warmly and embraced by the Megalight family, which granted us a sense of security. We liked the fact that they listened with attention to every phenomenon we observed. This is what made us decide to buy their lamps for the whole room. On the professional side, every time they came to our site they brought with them the equipment to prove that the type of lighting fit our requirements. In conclusion, we can say that HORTIV Megalight's products consume less electricity while giving us the desired lighting power.

Lower energy consumption means the lamps are cooler, operate on fewer watts, so the room requires less cooling and the lamps are more focused. Since the lamps are controlled by an advanced system built by the company, it is not necessary to change their height. The lamps are made of very high-quality materials.

We see no reason to look for solutions abroad: HORTIV managed to create a boutique lamp, better made, at a lower cost, and deliver it with outstanding personalized attention. said Ben Kissilevich, R&D Manager at Greenkom

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