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Your Trusted Partner
for LED Grow Lights and
Lighting Solutions


Our products are designed to help growers optimize their lighting setups for maximum plant growth and yield. 

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in offering a range of LED grow lights that differ in size, power output, spectral output and intended applications.


Our flexible options let growers choose the LED grow light that’s just right for their specific needs, constraints and applications.

Our products are made in Israel, using quality materials and advanced technology. We never stop researching in order to better understand our customer's needs and preferences, so we can meet them. Our goal is to increase our customers’ yield and efficiency, while reducing their costs.

We believe in providing personal attention, reliable support and responsive service. Our technical experts are known for their ability to adjust products to solve specific challenges customers face. 

Hortiv LED grow lights are:

  • Energy Efficient

  • Long Lasting

  • Easy to install and maintain

Growers can control and create optimal growing light environments for plants.

Our mission is to revolutionize indoor farming through innovation. Join us now.



Plant Tissue Culture

Tissue culture, a vital component of modern biotechnology, heavily relies on advanced technologies to create optimal environments for cellular growth and development. Among these technologies, LED lighting plays a pivotal role in fostering successful tissue culture processes.


LED lighting is crucial for cannabis breeding as it significantly enhances production rates and ensures consistent flower quality. This innovation not only reduces power consumption but also minimizes heat generation, exemplifying a steadfast commitment to efficiency in the cultivation process.


Indoor Farming

Indoor farming, also known as controlled environment agriculture (CEA), is a promising solution to address the challenges posed by weather uncertainty and climate crises in traditional agriculture.

LED lighting is crucial for indoor farming due to its energy efficiency, customizable spectrum, low heat emission, long lifespan, space efficiency, adjustable intensity, and reduced environmental impact.

Speed Breeding

"Speed breeding" is a revolutionary method that significantly shortens the generation time of crop plants, allowing for faster breeding and research programs.

The integration of LED lighting into speed breeding programs has the potential to revolutionize plant breeding by enabling faster and more controlled growth conditions, ultimately leading to the development of new crop varieties with desirable traits.



HORTIV by Megalight offers a wide range of LED grow lights. The main differences are in size, power output, spectral output, and intended applications, so growers can choose the LED grow light that’s best for their specific needs and applications. 

Some of the most important parameters are:

HORTIV LED grow lights come in various sizes, ranging from small units designed for relatively small growers to large fixtures that can cover thousands of square feet.

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